Detox Tea

imageSo happy to hear that everyone is loving my latest “Get Fit” article for Elite Daily, where I offered the site 44 simple ways to get healthy and fit that are attainable for everyone!

If you are struggling to lose weight and reach your health goal, give a few of these a try and stick with them. Remember, you can always ask me for guidance 🙂

Detox Tea
*Tip number 25 in my article was to incorporate detox tea into your diet because it is such an amazing way to flush out toxins. As soon as I wake up I drink one cup of Peach Detox Tea by Yogi Teas.

Why?: This tea is made to support your liver and kidney function, which is essential for good health.  Each time you drink out of a plastic water bottle, hold a receipt after having gone shopping,or even put on body lotion, chemicals are entering your system and your liver and kidneys are expected to flush them out. If these toxins are not flushed out, they can stay in your body and great a bloating sensation. These toxic chemicals can create dangerous estrogens in your body that can lead to diseases such as breast cancer. Also, if you consume alcohol and have not been kind to your liver, this tea serves as a great supplement. 

Why this tea: Don’t fall for the scams that require you to buy expensive detox teas or the scams that promise you that you will lose 20 pounds off of detox teas.

This simply isn’t true.

However, detox teas are a great way to aid your body in getting fit. The peach flavor in this tea is amazing and it also contains ginger root (which aids in digestion), cinnamon (which boosts metabolism), and dandelion root (which is the ultimate detoxifyer. Better yet, this tea is just $3.00 at whole foods! There is also a berry flavor that you can pick up at whole foods or buy online at

Directions: Use every 30 days and wait one week before consuming it again.

Not only does this tea taste amazing, but the witty inspirational messages on each tea bag really make my morning 🙂 Trust me, give this one a try and tell me what you think.


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