Vegan Pizza

There is an awful misconception that just because you are vegan that you have to give up all of your favorite foods.

Don’t be fooled. This is completely false! And just to prove it, I am doing today’s blog on everybody’s favorite food … PIZZA!


  • There are tons of healthy ways to make pizza, but after a long day of writing articles for Elite Daily and doing some errands (while avoiding the snow storm), I am absolutely exhausted so I bought –Amys Kitchen: Natural Organic Foods: Vegan Margherita Pizza which is amazing.- Its quick, easy, and the comfort food that I was craving after a long day.

You can pick up this vegan pizza pie at whole foods for just $6.00.

Here is the link for the pizza->

~ The pizza comes with a whole wheat crust, diced and sundered tomatoes, italian seasoning and basil. It topped with Daiya’s vegan mozzarella cheese. Unlike most cheeses (which contain fat and hormones) Daiya cheese is made out of pea protein and  has no cholesterol. Here is the Daiya site if you are interested in their other products such as mac and cheese and cream cheese.

There are also many other healthy ways to make homemade pizza such as cauliflower crust vegan pizza and a vegan salad pizza with a balsamic or olive oil vinaigrette. I will put up those recipes soon! But for now, this one is super quick, you just stick it in the oven and enjoy.
Let me know if you have any pizza recipe requests or questions! I’m always here to give advice!

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