How you might be spreading on your calories without even realizing it!

It seems to be at tradition is most countries, and in America of course, to have a slice of bread with dinner.

  • There are some breads that are healthier than others. For example, ezekiel bread is probably one of the healthiest breads that you can consume because it is sprouted, contains a ton of healthy minerals, and is packed with protein.
  • Another good choice would be sourdough bread because sour dough bread has no gluten, which is a preference for most, but not all.

    ~ But even that one swipe of butter that you spread across your bread can be adding on the calories that you haven’t been able to shed at the gym. It is extremely high in unhealthy fats and in sodium.

Earth Balance

      ~ So what are you supposed to do if you love butter?

Keep Eating It!

Earth Balance butter is a completely plant based butter and I am absolutely addicted to it!

* It tastes just like butter, but WITHOUT all of the negative side effects. It is made out of healthy expeller oils that your body can actually digest and use to give you the fuel that you will need for the day. It even contains flax and olive oil. Of course, even the healthiest of foods sometimes need to be consumed in moderation, but this is hands down the best butter substitute out there. You can cook with it, use it on bread, and even use the spreads on desserts or breakfast treats

Here is the website,

but you can also pick up Earth Balance at any Whole Foods, Wegmans, and even some ShopRites and the products are super affordable !.

– I personally chose to buy the soy-free butter because I have eliminated soy from my diet for reasons that I will explain in a later blog. But they also have an omega-three butter which is great for your skin, an olive oil butter, and a whipped butter if you tend to crave the traditional taste of butter.

*** They even have designed culinary butters, such as cinnamon butter and coconut butter to use in desserts or to use on a breakfast treat. The company has even developed great peanut butters, snacks, and salad dressings that are 100% guilt free.

Have any questions about Earth Balance or any of my 44 Health Tips to help you lose weight or attain your ultimate health goal?

E-mail me, comment, or ask me on Instagram. 


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