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Interested in contributing an article for

The Mindfulness Mission Magazine?

Or even better yet, having your own author section on our site …

Click HERE to complete our Contributing Writer Form.

Have you ever wanted to become a blogger, but you weren’t sure where to start? The Mindfulness Mission is opening up their magazine to the public, in hopes of spreading mindfulness in the areas of health, fitness, and beauty. Please complete this form if you would like to be a contributing author in The Mindfulness Mission Magazine.

If you are accepted, you may blog as much or as little as your please, however, the more often that you blog, the greater your social media handles will grow. If you are accepted, Samantha Joy, our CEO will contact you in order to review the articles that you have pitched through your the Google form above.

We will share your article or video in our magazine, on our Instagram page, and on our Facebook page. You will have a bio attached to your article, so if you would like, your readers will be able to go back to your social media accounts and will be able to follow you there as well.

By submitting your content, you will be helping Samantha Joy share her mission of spreading mindfulness in the areas of health, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle content. All articles should have an overall tone of positivity and should serve as an inspiration for our readers.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


Why should you write for

The Mindfulness Mission Magazine?

-To inspire others

-To add your articles to your professional resume

-To grow/share your articles on your social media platforms

-To expand your own business through your bio, which will be attached to each article that you publish.

-To work with other experienced journalists

Let’s inspire each other.


1.)We currently do not pay for submissions
2.)We kindly ask that you share your post on social media and that you tag our Instagram or Blog.

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