Can We Stop the Makeup Shaming?

Ladies, we can’t be blind to this anymore…and by “this,” I mean the pressure that we put on each other to look perfect.


We have all been there. We are with a group of our girlfriends at the mall or maybe we met up with some coworkers for a yoga class and all of a sudden we find ourself gossiping about the group of women next to us. We are always so quick to criticize men for saying that a girl should lose weight or wear more/less makeup, but maybe we need to start the movement with ourselves and truly show others (by example) the way that we expect to be treated.

The other day I was doing my typical scroll through Facebook and came across the article, “62 Celebrities Who Should Always Wear Makeup,” by a magazine that I won’t mention. I was so disgusted by the article that I felt like I had no choice but to click on it and see what this “great source of information” had to offer. The article explained that these celebrities have wrinkles, acne and puffy eyes. For some reason the author felt like he or she needed to exploit these celebrities for actually being human. After clicking on the magazine article I saw Kelly Clarkson on the cover with a makeup-free face and in my opinion she looked absolutely flawless.

But more important than being flawless, she looked real.

It was then that I realized how harsh women tend to be on each other. I was looking at a magazine article that displayed the bare faces of 62 women that are role models for our young-adult generation. The way that each page of the article was dedicated to a picture of a makeup-free celebrity accompanied by an explanation of their flaws was exploiting in the most hurtful way.

Each time we criticize one of those woman, we are telling that same generation of young girls that they are not good enough as well. InStyle magazine states that women spend an average of $15,000.00 on just makeup over their lifetime. This amount of money is not even including the cost of any hair or body products.

Although I love makeup just as much as the next girl, this is just too much. Due to the standards of beauty that have been set by society for women, it is often difficult for us to accept that we don’t naturally have smokey-eyes, shimmery cheekbones and a contoured bone structure.

For some women, this fear of going make-up free has caused them to wear make-up to the gym, or even wear makeup when they are spending the night with a significant other. I am not writing this article because I am against wearing makeup. I openly admit to loving to experiment with different colors and styles.

I am writing this article to share that we need to stop criticizing others for having the courage to present themselves to the world as they are.

Since we all know how difficult it is to grow up as women in our society (with having expectations to look like a Victoria’s Secret model), we should take each opportunity presented to us to build each other up as much as possible instead of gossiping about that woman across the restaurant could use some more foundation.

As a girl who has grown up with skin issues her whole life, I am so thankful that these 62 celebrities were bold enough to bare it all in front of the paparazzi in order to show the rest of us that being ourselves is okay. Just because we don’t have flawless skin does not mean that we cannot find someone who believes that we are beautiful without our mask on. If we all had a styling team and photoshop like the celebrities do, I promise you that we would all have the ability to attain that unattainable look.

If you’re still not convinced, check out this amazing video from the Dove Beauty Campaign that shows the true power of photoshop.

So ladies, can we all take a pledge to be more kind to each other instead of judging our fellow sisters off of our own insecurities? Great, and if someone hasn’t told you yet today, you are beautiful!


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