Blueberry Mango Breakfast Smoothie

To attain your weight goal, you do not need to go on a diet.

You do not need to participate in a 21 day fix, spend all of your leftover cash on shakeology, and suffer from feeling hungry before you go to bed.

Seeing your body transform is about living a lifestyle that nourishes your body. Its about choosing the right foods to eat depending on your own personal needs, and using mindful eating to decide whether you are full or if you are stress-eating.

Making smoothies for breakfast allows you to get in all of the nutrients that you may not be inclined to eat throughout the day otherwise.

The best way to lose weight is to exercise while eating REAL FOODS. Most boxed food are made out of chemicals and your body has difficulty digesting them and using them as fuel for you when you workout.

Therefore, without further adieu, here is my blueberry mango smoothie that is not costly and has all real ingredients that you body needs.

Blueberry Mango Smoothie

Step One: Put in your base. Some people prefer to use ice as a base. I prefer to use a banana. It makes your smoothie extra creamy.

Step two: Put in your featured ingredients. In this case, the featured ingredients are blueberries and mangos, which are a great combo when blended in a smoothie.

There is not a right or wrong amount of fruit to put in a smoothie. You can put them in to taste. I prefer to put in more blueberries and use a smaller amount of mango to gain a nice sweet taste. I use all frozen fruits. It keeps your fruit fresh and is not costly. Just make sure the frozen fruit is organic. I get my frozen fruit from whole foods.

Step three: Choose a green. For this recipe I prefer spinach. I put a small handful into my smoothie cup.

Step four: Throw in some boosters. A booster is any ingredient that can further your health depending on your specific health condition and needs. I put in protein powder since I am vegan and it serves as a great source of protein. I also put in vitamin C powder to help with my skin. Lastly, I put in some matcha tea to also help to detox my skin.

Step five: Toppings! Toppings are are any fun ingredients that you put into your smoothie to make it tastes amazing, and in this case, like dessert! I put in cacao nibs, which are raw and pure chocolate. Cacoa is a super food that is one of the highest forms of magnesium. I also put in a dash of cinnamon.

Lastly, blend it all together and bon appetite.

So who is going to try this amazing breakfast recipe?

Once you get the hang of smoothie making it will come to you like second nature. This allows you to get all of your fruits and veggies in first thing in the morning. It jump starts your digestion and makes your skin shine.

Have a smoothie question? No problem! Comment below. Lets inspire each other.


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