Rosemary Citrus Salad

Warm weather is just around the corner, and this calls for spring and summer salads!

This anti-inflammatory salad is great for spring and summer due to the orange’s citrus taste combined with a delightful spice called rosemary. It is also a low-calorie dish that is packed with super foods if you are following my 44 Get Fit Tips, which were featured in the health section of the magazine.



– Red kale

– Cauliflower

– White kidney beans

– Green beans

– 1 orange

– Daiya mozzarella cheese

– Earth balance


– 1 small pinch of sea-salt

– Dash of pepper

– Dash of red paper flakes

– Sprinkle of rosemary


1.) I prefer this salad as a warm salad so I set my stove to a low-medium heat. I put in a small tablespoon of Earth Balance (a product that has been previously featured on the blog) and let it even out over the pan.

2.) Add all of the vegetables to the pan and let them soften.

3.) Put in your pinch of sea-salt and mix the vegetables in the pan so they retain their taste.

4.) Add the additional spices and let sit until vegetables begin to soften and the kale begins to wilt.

5.) Place all vegetables into a bowl and add daiya cheese and orange slices.


Enjoy this one!
Lets inspire each oher to eat healthy to nurture our bodies today.

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