Forbidden Black Rice: A Vegan Bowl

The latest trend in vegan meals is definitely the vegan bowl.

So what is a vegan bowl?

Its your favorite vegan side dishes combined (typically 3-5) into segments in your bowl in order to create a full lunch/dinner. Photo below.

Black Rice

Vegan bowls are a perfect way to make sure that you are getting all of your necessary nutrients as a vegan and are also super easy to take on the go.

This particular vegan bowl is one of my favorites.

It features forbidden black rice. Just 10 teaspoons of this rice contains as much anti-oxidants as a spoonful of blueberries (Lotus Food). It also contains a higher amount of vitamins and minerals than other bran rice (Lotus Food).

It is called forbidden black rice because it used to be exclusive to China’s emperors, but this superfood rice is now being enjoyed all around the world, (and even in my vegan bowl).

Here is the vegan bowl recipe by segment.

Sweet Potatoes:

1.) Steam sweat potatoes until they are extremely soft.

2.) Mix thoroughly with Earth Balance and a touch of sea salt.

Tomato Salsa :

1.) Slice up an organic tomato.

2.) Chop up 1 garlic glove and mix it into the tomato.

3.) Sprinkle sea salt and black pepper.

4.) Squeeze the juice from one lime over the tomatoes

5.) Depending on your preference, you can make it spicy with cumin and red pepper flakes.

Forbidden Black Rice:

1.) Pour black rice into pan over the stove. I purchase my black rice from Whole Foods in the bulk section.

2.) Cover the rice with water and have it boil for 20 minutes until the rice fully expands and takes in the water. The rice should be super soft.

3.) Chop up some scallion and sprinkle over the rice.

4.) Add Soy Vey Island Teryaki sauce to the rice and mix in. This teriyaki sauce is gluten-free and has an amazing zesty flavor. I also purchased this at whole foods.

5.) Lastly, you can top off the bowl with a sprinkle of daiya vegan mozzarella cheese if you like.

Once all of your segments are prepared, you are ready to enjoy!

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