How To Guide on Making an Acai Berry Bowl: The Ultimate Guilty Free Breakfast and Decadent Dessert

Looking for the perfect breakfast or afternoon snack that won’t pack on the pounds?

If so, then I present to you, the Acai Berry Bowl.

The acai berry is an ancient super food that comes from central and South America. It has become so trendy recently for its outstanding healing properties. For example, it is an antioxidant power house, it promotes health, aids in weight-loss, reduces irritation, it fights cancer, and has amazing anti-aging properties.

With benefits this good, why wouldn’t you give this berry a try?


The good news is that this food isn’t one of the super foods that you need to adjust to taste wise. It tastes similar to other fruits in the berry family.

It is typically eaten in the style of an acai berry bowl, or a “nice cream” (healthy vegan ice cream).

I highly recommend giving this super food a try. I mean, who would turn down healthy ice cream?

There are tons of different recipes for acai bowls, but were going to start off simple on this first one.

You can purchase a frozen bag of acai berries (they come in a frozen block) from Whole Foods. It is reasonably priced and will cost you between six and seven dollars for an entire pack.

I use one packet per acai berry bowl. Once you cut off the packaging you will need to slice the berry block with a sharp kitchen knife. I then place the pieces into my nutri-bullet blender, however any blender will work.

In order to get a creamy and ice-cream like texture, I put in 3/4 or 1 full banana, depending on how much mixture you would like.

In order for the berry to blend with the banana I put in a few splashes of 5x protein vanilla almond milk by So Delicious. This serves as a great source of healthy and vegan protein.

If you are an avid smoothie maker and have certain boosters that you put into your smoothie, you can of course put these in as well. For this particular smoothie, I threw in some matcha tea, vitamin c powder, coconut manna, sunflower butter, green powder, and cacao nibs (everybody’s favorite). If you are new to smoothie making, don’t fret! We all start somewhere. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail on some fun ways to pick the best boosters for your smoothies and acai bowls.

Once you have put your boosters into the blender, you are ready to blend the ingredients until the are smooth.

Once you have your mixture, you can pour it into a bowl. Now its time for the fun part, toppings! Think about what toppings you would put into ice-cream. For this particular acai berry bowl, I threw in some banana slices, fresh organic strawberries, goji berries, and of course, some more cacao nibs!

Between the peanut butter like taste of the sun nut flower butter and the chocolate taste of the cacao nibs, I had a healthy version of a decadent dessert.

Once you get the hang of whipping up these desserts, you will be able to invent so many new flavors. Think coconut-kiwi or vanilla with crunchy granola ; )

If you have any questions about how to make an acai bowl, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at or send me a message on Facebook.

Let’s inspire each other to make healthy decisions!


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