Vegan Chinese Rice Noodles

Who doesn’t love the salty and satisfying taste of Chinese Food?

Chinese food has been (and probably will forever be) my favorite dinner indulgence;however, when I go out to a Chinese food restaurant, I often find that my food is often filled with sodium, GMO’s, and artificial ingredients. (yuck)

So if I don’t have time to search high and low for some organic Chinese food, I like to make my own.

I understand that the idea of creating your own Chinese food can be daunting, but this Vegan Chinese Rice Noodles recipe is the perfect way to start. With just a few ingredients and some simple spices, theres no way that you can go wrong!



-One box of Brown Rice Noodles
-Small vegetable broth
-One bottle of Tamari (gluten-free soy-sauce)
-Earth Balance (butter substitute)
-Sesame Seed Oil
-Frozen stir-fry vegetable blend


1.)Open the box of brown rice noodles. Break apart the noodles in a large bowl. 
2.)Measure 1/4 of a cup of vegetable broth. Heat up the broth over the stove on medium heat until it simmers.
3.)Mix the noodles in with the vegetable broth until the noodles soften. You can pour in more vegetable broth if needed.
4.) Drizzle the tamari over the noodles and mix in until the noodles turn into a dark brown color, as pictured.
5.) Add in two teaspoons of sesame seed oil and mix it in with the noodles.
6.)Either microwave your vegetables or allow the vegetables to heat up in the pan with the noodles. (I personally prefer to pour the frozen vegetables right into the pan.)
7.) Once the vegetables are heated, mix in two teaspoons of earth balance into your dish.
8.)Pour into a large bowl and enjoy.




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