Shhh … Secret “homemade” Vegan Waffles

Breakfast is one often one of those meals that we just let slip by.

Trying to throw ingredients together for breakfast before work or trying to make yourself a healthy meal while your children are pulling at your shoe-strings isn’t exactly the picture perfect scenario to make the most important meal of the day.

This often leaves us grabbing unhealthy items that are pre-made. For breakfast, most of us are looking for quick and easy. This can quickly become a bigger problem than what meets the eye because most granola bars, cereals, etc are lacking in protein and are high in sugar, which can leave us feeling tired, weak, and can even cause dizziness.

Now everybody knows that here at Illuminating Inspirations, our CEO Samantha Joy and her contributing writers love a good smoothie for breakfast. Its quick, easy, and nutrient/protein packed. However, every now and then we want to switch up our meals and find something nutritious and delicious that the whole family can enjoy.
This is where her creation of her “homemade” vegan waffles came into play and all of us at Illuminating Inspirations have been making it ever since.


At this point, you are probably wondering, “why is the word “homemade” in quotations marks, and this is because they aren’t exactly 100% homemade, but that doesn’t mean that they are lacking in nutrition.

So heres our secret …


For this special waffle recipe that your whole family will enjoy, we use Vans wheat free and gluten-free waffles that are vegan. Pop them in your toaster oven. We consider three waffles each as a nice serving per individual.

Now here are the goodies that we put on tip that give it our special Illuminating Inspirations touch. Each waffle gets a spread of Earth Balance (vegan butter), a spread of organic creamy almond butter (greatprotein), and a sprinkle of agave waffle/pancake syrup (a great low glycemic choice). Lastly top the entire piece with banana slices.

A feast for all of your senses that your whole family will love. Quick, easy, and healthy as always.

Enjoy your breakfast!

xoxo the Illuminating Inspirations Family


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