Young Living Essential Oils for Perfume Usage

AIbEiAIAAABECOaNkartmvPZkgEiC3ZjYXJkX3Bob3RvKihhMDE4YzgxOGU3MTFmMDU2ZTQyYjJhZjNhYzUxZjVhOGMyNTQ0MmZkMAEqLRyp6Ql3_Jo9HObTil7u7n_7jAAuthor Bio: Emma Giffels is a vegan who is always looking to make life a little more plant based and a little more wholesome.  She is a Young Living Distributor as well as a fitness instructor.  While traveling the United States with her fiancé, she seems to find herself exploring new trails and finding the best essential oils combos.  Emma can be found at and Instagram essentialtoemma.


I’ve never been a proper perfumer.  I’m either 2 minutes late and spraying on some body splash from Christmas 6 months ago or rubbing an overly priced department store perfume all over my wrists.  I’ll go months without using it and then the supposedly sweet smelling concoction will turn colors in the bottle and start to smell a bit off.  Many perfumes use synthetic ingredients as well as animal products which leave you with a chemical filled, non-vegan friendly product.  Essential Oils give you a different option.


Essential Oils have, in so many unquantifiable ways, caused me to slow my life down.  Using these bottles of magic for my daily perfume has been one of them.

Instead of rushing around, putting on makeup, blow drying my hair, slamming down my smoothie, and then spraying something I know nothing about all over my body, I’m taking deep breaths and I’m oiling myself up.  My hair, my face, my arms and legs, they all deserve oils!  When it’s all said and done, I’ve found just enough time to oil up, continue my morning routine, and realize that my body deserves time to be taken care of.

With any essential oil, it’s important to dilute so it will a) not evaporate into thin air and b) spread to more areas than just where you put the oil.

To do this you need a carrier oil.  Carrier oils are pure vegetable oils like coconut oil, grape seed oil, or olive oil.  They are the ying to the yang of essential oils.  If you want your new perfume routine to take off, hear a girl out and use a carrier oil!

Once you’ve got your carrier oil situation figured out, you’re probably wondering what essential oils to try.  The truth is, so many will work and I have fun trying new combos every day.  Currently I’m using Peace and Calming as my morning perfume.  Peace and Calming is a Young Living Essential Oil blend of Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy.  The combination of this blend promotes peace and emotional well-being.  It lifts tension for me and when I’m starting to run around like a mad woman, it reminds me to take those big deep breaths.  It may also help reduce depression, anxiety, and stress.  Did I mention it smells like… pure ecstasy?


Others I use on a regular basis include White Angelica, Stress Away, and Joy.

White Angelica has been said to help buffer negative feelings of others.  On days where my confidence or mood is lower than I would like, I use this baby to keep away all that negative energy.  Who needs it?  You don’t.

You need to feel secure and whole about who you are as a being on this planet.

Myrrh, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Spruce, Rosewood, Coriander, Hyssop, Melissa, Rose and Angelica all contribute to a floral scent that is strong and unique to each person as they apply it.

Stress Away has a simpler list of ingredients.  This Young Living Blend includes Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea, and Lavender.  It’s perfect for not only relieving your daily stresses but aromatically sweetening your day.  It’s so citrusy and warm, it’s like you just walked into a bake shop planted in the middle of a lime farm.  Unlike White Angelica, it’s a softer aroma.

Joy is a blend of Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lemon, Coriander, Tangerine, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Palmarosa, and Rose and it’s a pep in every beauty’s step.  It’s strong like White Angelica but a bit more feminine in its nature.  This is my date night perfume as it makes me feel oh so romantic.

These four Young Living Essential Oils blends are the ones I use most often.  That being said, the versatility of oils allows you to create your own blends and create your own times to wear these.  For instance, I was a bit congested recently so I mixed Eucalyptus Globulus with Ylang Ylang.  Eucalyptus Globulus is a natural decongestant while Ylang Ylang can balance my energy to meet another’s (also it smells so flowery and whimsical!).

Essential oils can be a wonderful way to rid your life of toxins and try something totally pure, totally chemical free, and totally animal product free.  Properly perfuming can be part of that too!

** I am an independent distributor with Young Living.  Suggestions or guidance given in this post in regards to essential oils is exclusive to Young Living.  They are beyond organic and never use pesticides, herbicides or any harmful chemicals. Their soil has never been exposed to them as well.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me! 
If you are interested in trying these oils, please clicking the link to Emma’s website in her “Author Bio” above.

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