5 Minute Vegan Berry Porridge

unnamed-1.jpgAuthor Bio: Everything began with a iron deficiency. Saskia got ill through her lifestyle and bad eating habits. So she got vegan and is now a girl compassionate for vegan food, animals and body positivity.She thinks that you can live great without eating animal products and that you can truly experience happiness through it.She can be found on her Instagram account @vegmitdemfleisch and her blog www.vegmitdemfleisch.blogspot.de .

After the gym I am always hungry and exhausted, so something really good and sweet has to come to my tongue. I don’t always want to make myself a protein shake or just eat bread with some lame spread on it. Therefore here comes my tasty 5-Minute-Porridge!

It’s really made in 5 minutes (tested myself :D) and so easy. The perfect meal when you don’t have any time or just don’t feel like cooking a big meal. Because porridge without anything on it isn’t so nice, I’ll give you guys the delicious berry version!


100 g Oats

30 g Instant oats

200 ml (when using protein powder 250 ml) Plant Milk

250 g Soy Yogurt (cherry, vanilla or neutral)

50 g Flaxseeds or Chia Seeds

1 handful (150 g) frozen mixed berries

20 g Protein Powder (Vanilla or Neutral)

Some spoons Jam (cherry, strawberry or raspberry)

Optional: Syrup (e.g. maple syrup or agave syrup)


Microwave the plant milk 2-3 minutes. Mix oats, instant oats, flaxseeds (or chiaseeds), protein powder and frozen berries in a bowl. Then add the soy yoghurt and mix well. Add the warm plant milk and mix all up. If you like, you can now add sweetener like syrup and of course spread the jam all over the almost finished porridge.

At the end, you microwave the porridge 1-2 minutes. Finished!

You can decorate it with fresh or frozen berries, nuts, bananas, chia seeds and so on …



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