Top 5 Detoxing Drinks: My Daily Routine

14232021_337849189881144_1552326325535517094_oAuthor Bio: I’m a 25 years old Italian girl with a Master Degree in Environmental Law. I love to travel, discover new places and cultures from all over the world. Now I’m on my journey to improve my life on this planet by eating healthy, exercising, practicing yoga and sharing positivity through my Instagram Gallery @giuliatheitaliangirlI feel constantly inspired by nature, and blessed to be able to live in our beautiful planet.I love to spend as much time as I can outside in the nature. My motto is “Healthy Life Happy Life”, and sharing my ideas is what brought me to open my Instagram gallery called Giuliatheitaliangirl. Sharing my efforts to live a healthy and respectful life make me improve myself everyday, and hopefully it will inspire other people to do the same. You can also follow me on Facebook at Giulia theitaliangirl and Youtube at Giulia theitaliangirl.

Did you ever wake up feeling bloat and unease?

I suffer pretty often of bloating and water retention, but since I started following this routine, together with an active life, my body changed extraordinarily!

Remember to stay hydrated

A glass of juice

Our body is actually made of water!

No matter where you are or what you are doing never stop drinking. It might feel a little uncomfortable at the beginning, but in a few days your body will get use to it. You’ll reach the point you won’t go anywhere without carrying with you some tasty drink.

Here’s my average detoxing day from waking up to sleep time!


  • Hot Water with Ginger and Lemon 


Lemon Water

Every morning, as soon as I get up from bed, I go in the kitchen and put the kettle on, slice some organic ginger and squeeze some lemon in a mug adding hot, but not boiling, water. I drink it every day before consuming breakfast and it really makes the difference.

Here few beneficial effects: ginger reactivate metabolism helping to burn fats faster; lemon detoxes the body and promotes diuresis.

To obtain the maximum benefits always drink it before breakfast and wait 20 minutes before consuming your first meal.


  • Berries Juice


Berry Juice

Cranberry is the most known berry juice. Native American considered it a symbol of joy and friendship, and we should too. You can choose to squeeze it from fresh fruits when in season, or to buy it already juiced. Choose what’s the best for you, but always prefer sugar free products and organic, if possible. Berries might taste a little bit sour, if so, add some water.

There are many different berries and juices; everyone with beneficial properties for our body. Dealing with cranberry, here are some benefits: first of all, it provides a good amount of Vitamin C and, if you suffer from anemia, this is one of the fruits with the biggest amount of iron in it.  it is also recommended to prevent urinary tract infections as well as stomach ulcers.

I prefer to drink it during breakfast or in the mid-morning in fact, as all fruits, it should not be eaten after 3/4 in the afternoon.


  • Orange Juice


orange juice

During winter period this is my absolute favorite juice. I drink it every morning from November to April (here in Italy this is oranges season), and in this case I avoid buying already squeezed products. Vitamin C evaporates very fast after you pressed oranges, and to drink it fresh is the only way to actually take the vitamins.

・ Earth provides us with what our body

needs the most during every season.

So let’s trust Mother Nature and follow

a seasonal diet if possible ・  


  • Green Tea 


Green Tea

Once a day, usually in the afternoon, I treat myself with a cup of green tea.

I used to suffer from water retention, and for this particular condition, Matcha really makes the difference. It is the most purifying and detoxing drink I consume every day, and my body seems to appreciate it.

Here are some beneficial properties: Matcha is full of antioxidants, which help cells reparation that keep our skin young and healthy. Moreover, it encourages concentration increasing memory and calm; it improves energy level and stamina; and, last but not least, it detoxes our body through eliminating toxins, increasing our immune system and by fighting cholesterol.

Some precaution: Green tea contains caffeine, so avoid drinking it in the evening if you suffer particular conditions. As general tip, always consult a specialist prior to start with new practices, even if they are natural, each one of us is different, never forget.

  • Hot water with cardamom seeds 

This is a bonus beverage for me, I don’t always drink it, but when I do, it really makes me feel better.

Sometimes in the evening I feel nausea and have to deals with digestions issues. Cardamom seeds are fantastic to treat these conditions. Put some in hot water and drink it. They have a sort of balsamic flavor, also perfect to fight cold and flu.

・Drink water throughout the all day・

As I said before, our body is mainly made of water and we should facilitate its natural functions by providing the right amount of liquids to sustain our system.

I don’t want to say how much you should drink, because it depends on various factors. When we exercise, for example, we should double the amount of liquids we drink, and as general tip, the more we drink the more our kidneys will work correctly eliminating toxins from our system.

Always change a bit your drinks

adding different flavors to avoid your

body to get used and bored

If you are like me, that get bored very fast and don’t get thirsty during the day, here’s some tricks:

  • Find a container you really like
  • Choose one not too big (less than one-liter bottle)
  • Pure the water there, and always brings it with you
  • Try to flavor water with some lemon or lime, something fresh that stimulate your taste
  • Do not drink iced water, it is not healthy for digestion

Try them out and let me know, with these tricks I found myself drinking at least a double amount of water compared with before.


Last but not least, avoid drinking alcohol as much as you can.

If you do (we are not perfect machines 😉 ), never go too far and remember to drink at least a double amount of water of the alcohol you drunk before going to bed, it will save you from hangover.

Hope you enjoyed this piece and you found it useful!

Until next time , check my Instagram gallery at giuliatheitaliangirl for more tips like these!


[ I would like to remember that I’m not an expert and here I’m simply sharing with you what works for me and my body; if you suffer particular conditions please talk to a specialist]


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