What Yoga Is Really All About

unnamed-1.jpgAuthor Bio: Everything began with a iron deficiency. Saskia got ill through her lifestyle and bad eating habits. So she got vegan and is now a girl compassionate for vegan food, animals and body positivity.She thinks that you can live great without eating animal products and that you can truly experience happiness through it.She can be found on her Instagram account @vegmitdemfleisch and her blog www.vegmitdemfleisch.blogspot.de.

When did yoga become a trend sport?

I can still remember when I went to the “small yoga garden” with 6 or 7 years and had no expectations.The course of a maximum of 15 small children, who were hopping around and were quite fidgety, found themselves every Tuesday afternoon and did yoga. It was children yoga, so the asanas were a little simplified and it was playfully brought to us to look at us even at a young age and also to pause times.

Five years later, I switched to the youth course, as I slowly became too old for the other course. The asanas were taken more and more seriously and we could tell at any hour how we are. It was really nice, because at that moment, you realized that it might not be as good as you seem to be.

Exactly This Is Yoga: Mindfulness, thoughtfulness, and love towards one’s own self.

Particularly in women’s and girls’ magazines there are always such articles. 

“You want a slim body with firm muscles? – Try yoga!”

Thereupon, all the young girls run to fitness and yogastudios, and they have shown the expectation of a body as in the same magazines. If I weren’t a yogi, I would do the same for sure.

The sad thing is, and what I want to give you on the way: Yoga is not a sport!


Yoga has a thousand-year tradition and served the buddhist monks and nuns many years ago to experience mindfulness, gratitude and happiness and to get into nirvana. In the 21st century, we use it for our purposes: to be fit and to look good.

This is not what yoga wants to convey. In our hectic everyday life and by dealing with stressful situations we are tense, tired and energy-less. The huge amount of asanas and what you personally make of it, regular meditation and pranayamas (breathing exercises) are the beginning of a great journey to yourself. By the way you may lose weight and get tight muscles.

But the path you are on shows strength, discipline and courage.

 These qualities are what you really need in life, the muscles are just the clue that you own them.


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