6 Natural Deodorant Mistakes

KasiaAuthor Bio: Kasia Rothe is the CEO of the natural deodorant and skincare brand  Rustic Maka, which is a family-owned natural personal care company, dedicated to work towards reclaiming your well-being, through the use of exceptional ingredients, sustainable applications, no animal testing, and above all, honesty.

  • 1.) Making a Choice Without the Research

    Become a big proponent of doing research before putting anything on your body. Just because it says natural on the front, it can still contain something you might not necessarily want to be using. Marketing ploys trying to sell miracles in a bottle are far too common, but the ingredients can be far from perfect. Take your time and turn the bottle to find out what’s lurking in-between the advertised ingredients and where these ingredients came from. Are you looking for organic, natural, vegan? These can be very different from each other. Take time to figure out what’s important to you.


  • 2.) Sticking to old habits during application:

    Swiping up and down multiple times might have been necessary with your old stuff, but with natural deodorants, moderation is the key. Keep in mind that each person is unique, so finding the right number of swipes that work with your body is crucial. Those with shaven underarms might need a different number of swipes to stay fresh throughout the day as opposed to the women and men with underarm hair. Over applying deodorants may lead to slower drying time, thus creating an environment where excess product will stain your favorite shirt. No one wants that.


  • 3.) Giving up too soon:

    With the initial switch to natural deodorants, the detox phase can affect anyone. Whether you are seeing more than usual amount of sweat on your shirts, or the stink starts to come through mid-day, your body might be purging impurities and build-up. Now that you’ve allowed your sweat glands to properly breathe, you need to give it time for your body to catch up. If you are struggling to get through the detox phase, add simple steps of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing to help ease this transition, while providing a clean, daily routine for your underarms.


  • 4.) Confusing underarm rash with detox

    If you are experiencing underarm discomfort with visible signs of irritation or rash, this is your body’s way of telling you something is not working right. While detox symptoms will vary from excessive sweating and smelling more than usual (sometimes a whole lot more), ignoring signs of underarm rash with a hope of “getting through the detox phase” may lead to bigger problems down the road. If you are experiencing anything unusual, stop using the product and get in touch with your deodorant company. Most likely, they’ve dealt with a similar issue before and will be able to answer any questions or point you in a right direction.


  • 5.) Applying at night!:

     This might have been a great suggestion when you were using traditional antiperspirants, which work by clogging sweat ducts, thus preventing moisture to surface. The night application allowed antiperspirants to soak in properly to be the most effective. Natural deodorants work on skin’s surface by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria that thrives in the presence of sweat. Unless you have a reason to not be stinky at night there is no added benefit of applying a deodorant before you hit the sack.


  • 6.) Assuming All Scents Are Equally As Effective: 

    We’ve all heard that “each body chemistry is different.” This cannot be more true for differently scented natural deodorants. What works for someone else, might not necessarily work for you. If you love the way the deodorant applies, but it makes your underarms smell weird, your body chemistry might not be matched well with that scent. In today’s market, most companies are happy to send a replacement deodorant if you are not satisfied with the way the deodorant smells or how it works with your body.


Follow Up Review By Our CEO Samantha Joy: 

I find all of these hints extremely helpful when on a natural deodorant search. Using traditional antiperspirants can be quite dangerous to the body.

I’ll let Dr. Mercola share just a few of these side effects with you.

Quoted by Dr. Mercola

“If you look at the ingredients in your antiperspirant, you’ll likely find that it contains aluminum, which acts as a “plug” in your sweat ducts to reduce sweating.

Aluminum antiperspirants may act as a long-term source of exposure to aluminum, which research suggests may accumulate in breast tissue in women.

This is problematic for a number of reasons, as aluminum may cause alterations to DNA as well as epigenetic effects that could potentially support cancer development.8

Aluminum (specifically aluminum chloride and aluminum chlorohydrate) is also known to interfere with estrogen receptors in breast cancer cells, and estrogen plays a well-known role in breast cancer.

Studies also show a high incidence of breast cancer in the upper outer quadrant of the breast, nearest to where antiperspirants are applied, together with “genomic instability.”9 Back in 2005, researchers concluded:

Given the wide exposure of the human population to antiperspirants, it will be important to establish dermal absorption in the local area of the breast and whether long term low level absorption could play a role in the increasing incidence of breast cancer.”

In 2013, researchers found increased levels of aluminum in nipple aspirate fluid from women with breast cancer compared to women without the disease. They also detected increased levels of inflammation and oxidative stress, noting:10

” … [O]ur results support the possible involvement of aluminum ions in oxidative and inflammatory status perturbations of breast cancer microenvironment, suggesting aluminum accumulation in breast microenvironment as a possible risk factor for oxidative/inflammatory phenotype of breast cells.”

Parabens in Deodorant May Be Linked to Breast Cancer

Parabens are preservatives that are found in many antiperspirants and deodorants. These chemicals have estrogenic activity in human breast cancer cells, and research published in 2012 found one or more parabens in 99 percent of the 160 tissue samples collected from 40 mastectomies.11

Separate research also detected parabens in 18 of 20 tissue samples from human breast tumors.12

About The Products:

However, aside from this information, I absolutely love the smell of two deodorants that I have from an all natural deodorant brand called, “Rustic Maka”.

The first scent that I have is called, “Sweet Lemonade” and I plan to wear this during the summer when I want to smell extra sweet! The second scene that I have is called, “Calming Fields”, which has beautiful ingredients, such as lavender and bamboo extract!


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