How To Conquer A Vegan Festival

photoAuthor Bio: Rebecca Sykes is a recent college graduate who obtained a  bachelor degree in communications. She is a writer, who hopes to influence people to change what is on their lifestyle to a vegan one. She is a passionate vegan who educates others on this wonderful lifestyle, whether that be posting articles written by PETA or Mercy For Animals on Facebook or just having a discussion with others on how important a vegan lifestyle  is. You can follow her on her vegan Instagram blog @Got_Vegan.

It is that time of year again with vegan festivals in full swing! Vegan festivals are the perfect opportunity to be your vegan self, meet other vegans and try incredible vegan food.

However, if you have never been to a vegan festival they can be overwhelming due to the large amount of people and the many different food and merchandise vendors.

That is why I am giving you five steps on how to conquer a vegan festival.

1. Arrive early!

I cannot stress this enough. Arriving early is key to mapping out your game plan.Recently I went to Vegan Street Fair in North Hollywood and I arrived two hours early. My family and I walked the street to see where everything was, where the merchandise we wanted to snag was and then we knew where to go once the event started. Even some vendors were open before the event started. I got shirts before the lines got long, saw where food vendors were and arrived to food vendors we wanted to try first before the lines got too long.

Vegan festivals/street fairs tend to get overwhelmingly crowded around two, once the event starts the crowds are not too bad. Near the end of the afternoon, we were in one line for an hour. Knowing we got there early was an ease to our mind while waiting for food knowing the merchandise we wanted wasn’t gone due to the large amounts of people. Having fun is definitely key to any vegan festival but arriving early is how you will accomplish the fun.

2. When you see something you want, get it!

After the recent street fair I went to, I look back and regret certain items of food Idid not get. You never know when you will come across certain, unique vegan food again. That is why when you see something you want, get it! Whether that be food, makeup, lotion, clothes, jewelry, bags, don’t question it, if you like it get it, especially if whatever you are interested in is unique.


For example, don’t get pizza if you can easily make pizza yourself at home. Now a sushi burrito, that sounds difficult to make and this is something I regret not getting at the Vegan Street Fair. I did not regret not purchasing any merchandise when I was there because one, you didn’t have to pay for shipping like when you do online, two most items at these festivals are priced better than they are online and lastly the merchandise at these events are usually unique. I got the cutest bag with cute pigs all over it, adorable vegan shirts and a necklace with vegan engraved on it.

Trust me when you see something you are interested in, get it because you don’t want to regret it after the event is over.

3. Meet new people

This is the one time and opportunity that you can surround yourself with people who have the same passion and devotion to the vegan lifestyle as you do. These events are the perfect opportunity to meet new people, make friends and even meet someone that you could potentially date. When I was at the Vegan Street Fair in North Hollywood, I had such a blast talking to people on what they have enjoyed so far, seeing people with their vegan shirts on and just having lovely conversations with others about veganism.

I feel so alive when I am with others that are vegan because knowing and meeting others who have the same values and beliefs, feels so refreshing.

I feel accepted at these events and even if I go to a vegan restaurant, being around vegans makes me happy.

This is why I urge you to meet new people because honestly not everyone is lucky to have a group of vegan friends, if you do I am jealous and if you don’t take these festivals as an opportunity to meet new friends or meet that vegan love of your life.


4. Stay the night at a hotel

If you can get a hotel near the event I would advise this especially if you do not live close to the event. I drove two hours to attend the recent Vegan Street Fair and after the event I was exhausted driving home. Traffic does not make driving home after a long day any easier, especially walking all day, standing in long lines and being in the sun can really drain the energy out of you. You do not have to purchase an expensive hotel; a cheap hotel can make your life a lot easier rather than driving home after the event.

5. Have fun!

This is corny but remember to have fun! Do not stress about the large amounts of people or whether or not you should buy that cute, expensive vegan shirt, remember most people that are there believe in the same values as you and that is pretty incredible. Especially since the vegan community is very small, being around people who believe in animal rights and saving the environment is pretty refreshing.

Remember to have fun, enjoy yourself because time does go by fast and soon it will be the workweek and you’ll be wishing you were back at that vegan festival. So enjoy yourself and bring Tupperware so you can enjoy the yummy food and brag to your coworkers about the amazing experience you had at a Vegan Festival.


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