A Completely Vegan Alternative to Lush

IMG_2398Author Bio: Echo Overstreet is the CEO of Echo Underground, an apparel and lifestyle company. She is also a licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician. She prides herself on helping people feel beautiful through fashion, beauty, and skincare. She believes that all companies (including her own) should ensure that they are ethical in all business practices. Instagram: @echo.underground & @echo.echo.echoes
                                            Facebook: EchoUnderTheGround Twitter: @Echo_Ground

Bath bombs, body scrubs, and artisan soaps; the rise of the at-home spa treatment is dominating the beauty industry.

Our Instagram feeds are exploding with fizzy treats turning bath water magical colours filled with glitter, body scrubs that make bodies glow, and at-home face masks and DIY treatments that promise perfect skin.


It’s no wonder we all want to relax with everything going on in the world, but at what cost? One of the most popular at-home spa companies claims to be one of the most ethical and animal friendly options: Lush.

However, Lush is “100% Vegetarian,” this does not mean they are vegan. In their mission statement they state that over 80% of their products are vegan but in some cases they will use ingredients like honey, yogurt and eggs in their vegetarian products. While this is still an excellent practice for a beauty company to have, I would like to present a better option: a completely vegan alternative to Lush.  


Enter Mooi Labs, a company dedicated to being completely vegan and cruelty-free. In working with this company they have discussed with me their dedication to caring for the animals we so deeply care about. When asked about their commitment, they released a statement saying:

“We believe that no animal should ever be harmed in the making of our products. That is why we take additional measures to ensure our products are free of animal ingredients and animal testing from source to shelf. Animals are here on this Earth with us, and not for us!”  


This company ensures that no animals are harmed or used for their by-products through the entirety of the cosmetic creating process. This isn’t to say that Lush isn’t a wonderful company that does its best to create cruelty free ethical products. However, when a company becomes as large as Lush, it becomes difficult for them to maintain the high standards they started with; and while they say that they ensure that any animal by-products are ethically sourced, it’s impossible to say how well they are able to check, being as large as they are.  

Mooi Labs is a small company based in the United States, they employ veterans and military spouses, and they donate 5% of every sale to a charity benefiting animals.

Personally, I would rather support small business that dedicates themselves to giving back and being ethical than a large company that cares more about profit than their ethical responsibility. They also ensure that all of their products are without toxic chemicals and ingredients that are harsh on our bodies and the environment. 100% of Mooi Lab’s products are paraben, sulfate, petrochemical, and phthalate free. What this means for the consumer is that you can feel safe using their products for yourself and the people you care about.  

My company Echo Underground was started with the intent of finding and providing products to my customers that give them exactly what they want and need in the fashion and beauty industry.  I proudly carry Mooi Lab’s bath bombs, artisan soaps, body care, and cosmetics, and every time a customer purchases them I feel confident that they are receiving a quality product that is ethically and carefully sourced.  

Our world is filled with companies that are constantly trying to “do better.” Wouldn’t it be better if companies started out doing their best? Our world depends on us to be mindful of it and to be caretakers, not exploiters of the animals and resources it gives us. Support companies that support our Earth, and maybe it will help encourage other businesses to practice safe ethical sourcing.  

You can find Mooi Lab’s products on www.echounderground.com or at www.mooilab.com


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