Accepting The Things You Can’t Change


Meg is a fun loving wife and mother while maintaining her career as a nurse.  She is a life-time journaler, yogi, and self-proclaimed vegan chef.  She also loves to escape and find hemailrself lost in her own thoughts on a morning run or scenic walk.  Water is her element and as a little girl, she wanted to be a mermaid, spending her days  frolicking in the ocean.  She understands that the best things in life are also usually the most challenging.  She lives by her motto, “be present, be brave”. Follow her on Instagram @megsgershon.

Accepting the things you cannot change… doesn’t mean you have to roll over like a dog, but it may mean you have to make some difficult decisions, like

“should I stay or should I go?” 

Or may have you putting the Frozen sound track on repeat in your head singing,

“Let it go, let it go!!…”


So much I’ve loved and lost in life because I thought it was supposed to follow a certain script, often trying to fit a square peg in a round hole due to my people pleasing nature, or because my spirit and my psyche weren’t on the same page.

Watch any patch of sea, and it’s never completely still.  Even when the winds are calm, the deep undercurrents remain invisible to the naked eye until they reach the surface. Here lies the great mysteries of life- the faith that you have what it takes to weather any storm.


We are all reflections of each other in some way, and the only way to change a reflection, is to change yourself.

Ours is a journey all our own.  And if the picture isn’t what you were wanting or hoping to see, here is how to accept it.

Take a deep breath and connect to the earth.  I suggest taking a walk in the night sky, observing how small you are by looking at the stars above.  Or stand next to a tree and feel it’s strength rooted into the ground.  Do whatever it takes to center yourself.

Admit your ignorance of what to do instead of offering advice.

When someone comes to you in pain, be there to soak it in, not to empty your pockets of all you think you know.  Allow space for the feelings to come through and show empathy by reflecting it back.


Choose your battles wisely.

Is this about them, or is it really about you?

Answer this question often and honestly.  Sometimes accepting the things we cannot change, means we have to move on because the pain is too repetitious and too deep.  When this happens, the only way to let it go, is to remove yourself from the situation.  This may be permanent, or temporary, but anything that’s meant to be will come back.

Love  completely.  As a human being, I have weathered many storms in life.  When people ask me how I knew J was “the one”- I would reply “He was the first person who accepted ALL of me and additionally, there is not a single thing I would change about him.”  We reflected each other by our similar experiences.  Admittedly, there were times I threatened to leave him, but they were foolish.  I knew this the minute he admitted his wrongdoing or shortcomings and I found myself just wanting to be there, without judgement as I knew he would do the same for me.


As  a nurse, I have seen life’s difficulties bring people together in ways they never thought possible, to live their fullest, richest life.  I have also seen people fall apart and have to walk away and sometimes, this provides the freedom needed to weather their own battle.

Accepting the things YOU cannot change, means you must accept yourself.  Be happy with your own existence.  Be still your heart.


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