How I Finally Learned To Love Working Out


14232021_337849189881144_1552326325535517094_oAuthor Bio: I’m a 25 years old Italian girl with a Master Degree in Environmental Law. I love to travel, discover new places and cultures from all over the world. Now I’m on my journey to improve my life on this planet by eating healthy, exercising, practicing yoga and sharing positivity through my Instagram Gallery @giuliatheitaliangirl. I feel constantly inspired by nature, and blessed to be able to live in our beautiful planet.I love to spend as much time as I can outside in the nature. My motto is “Healthy Life Happy Life”, and sharing my ideas is what brought me to open my Instagram gallery called Giuliatheitaliangirl. Sharing my efforts to live a healthy and respectful life make me improve myself everyday, and hopefully it will inspire other people to do the same. You can also follow me on Facebook at Giulia theitaliangirl and Youtube at Giulia theitaliangirl.

My Personal Fitness Journey And Some Tricks To Start You Own Workout Routine


First of all, I’d like to share with you my personal journey to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

I used to be a very active girl while a I was little. I practiced swimming for ten years and then swipe up to dance for other 6 years. At the age of 19 I felt tired about sports and stop practicing. I felt like I had a beautiful body and I didn’t need to do anything to keep it in shape.

Some years passed by and at the age of 22/23 I started looking at myself in the mirror and feeling unease with my body. I wasn’t overweight but I had lost muscular tone, my skin was lax and I suffered a lot from water retention.

I reached the point I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror and wouldn’t go to the seaside because I didn’t feel comfortable at all with myself.

That summer I decided I wouldn’t let myself feel that way anymore.


I forced myself to join the gym and I started training constantly with the help of a personal trainer.

That was the most beautiful thing I did to my body and mind.

Having someone beside you that keep telling you that you are great and that you can do it, despite you wanting to give up because of the pain and endeavors, is amazing. It makes you understand how powerful our body is; it can do such wonderful things we don’t know only because we tell ourselveswe are not strong enough: but that it is only a wrong state of mind. And the best part is that you need only few moments to realize your real power.

Then your mind will be your best ally.


Now I can train with no help and every time I feel like I want to give up I repeat myself I can do it and at the end of my training session I feel so powerful and happy with the goals I achieved!

The first months are the most strenuous and at the same time the ones in which you can see the biggest changes. Afterward your body starts to get used to work out, which is amazing, but at the same time you’ll need to adapt your routine and be more patient to see the transformation.

By now almost two years passed by and I keep training my body almost every day switching between more endeavoring classes, yoga and the weight room.


In the first year I focused my attention mostly on the parts of my body I was unhappier with, such as legs hips and gluteus; after a full year I started working out more the upper part of my body, always keeping in mind to fully train my body to keep balance and stability.

Currently I can’t live without going to the gym, it makes my body and mind feel so healthy and free that It really distresses me not to be able to go for a while. I couldn’t be happier about the decision I made to go through this journey and there are still many goals I want to achieve.

Because of my personal experience I am really conscious on how a healthy and proper lifestyle can change the way we see ourselves and the world around us. I used to suffer from anxiety and hypochondria in the past, every time I felt some kind of pain I used to tell myself not to train and that made things worse. Actually since I started working out every issue disappeared.

Now I am so mindful and aware about it: Working-out make our bodies and minds so vital and healthy!


I actually feel very emotional about this topic and I really want to share with you some tricks that really made the difference in the beginning of my journey wishing they’ll help you setting a positive state of mind in the begin of yourpersonal journey:

– Invest in some sports outfit you feel really comfortable and beautiful wearing

– Don’t start “kicking into high gear”, constancy is better than a high but short commitment

– “Better a little rather than nothing”, we say that in Italy: it is better to workout even only 10 minutes rather than procrastinate to the next day

– Diversify to avoid getting bored and used to the same routine


– Find a gym in which you feel comfortable and at ease (some people go to the gym only to show off and talk behind others, don’t let yourself get miserable because of strangers opinions..!)

– Love your body for what it is, it is the first step to be proud of what you are (..Amazing!)

– Never compare yourself to other people, only look at the positive goals you achieved and how your body improved since you started working- out!

– Do not use a scale! One Kg of fat is a lot larger than one Kg of muscles… if you look at yourself in the mirror and feel great you don’t need the scale to tell you how much you weight!

– Organize a weekly plan and do your best to respect it

– Don’t stop working-out for long periods, the harder part is to begin: don’t let yourself go back to that point;


– Last but not least: support your body with a healthy and abundant diet, your body needs a lot of energy to work-out never forget it!

Hope you enjoyed this article as I enjoyed sharing with you my story!

I would be really happy to hear your journey into a healthier lifestyle.

Have a good time and don’t forget to take a look at my Instagram

giuliatheitaliangirl to stay connected and share ideas!

See you next time!

Until then, Live Healthy Live Happy!



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